Pursue Your Passions

I wish I could do ALL the things. There are so many things I love to do, care so much about, and want to share with the world. I struggled with trying to "narrow it down" and create a blog that focuses on specific 2 or 3 topics. Heck no! I like it all, so I want to write about everything. I want to inspire others to also chase all their dreams and live out all their passions. Life is short, why not live it all?


I am passionate about health. We only get one body in this life, shouldn't we treat it the best we can? Health is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I want to have a healthy mind, body, and soul. Personally, I practice yoga, try to eat healthy (real food diet), and focus on my mental health. My boyfriend does cross fit and is also passionate about healthy living, which is super awesome!


We are all creative! Every single person. I think that people create far less than they are capable of. I have found so much joy in creating and would kill to be locked in a room where all I have to do is write, make art, and craft. But life doesn't let me. So I try my hardest to make the time for creating. I'm passionate about handlettering, watercolor painting, blogging, journaling, and crafting.


Personal growth is such a huge passion of mine! Knowing that there is always room for growth is both a comforting and challenging thought that I am captivated by. I want to always be pursuing growth and reach toward becoming the best version of myself. I want to be a lifelong learner. I want to grow in my self-esteem and confidence, and show up daily as the best me I can be. Oh, and I am obsessed with Myers Briggs Typology, so I want to be the best ENFP I can be:)



I think my mom really should have made my middle name "FUN" instead of Christine. I love fun more than your average 28 year old, I'm pretty sure. I get super excited about little things on a daily basis. I look for the beauty, inspiration, and unexpected in each day. I go through life with an obnoxious optimism and I hope I can spread a little sparkle to others. I love to travel, work with kids (because they are so innocent and fun), play with make-up and fashion, and have dance parties.