Love With All Your Heart

Love has been a major part of my blogging history. I started blogging when I traveled the world on a mission trip called The World Race. It was a trip where I spent a year loving people all over the world. After the Race, I started a blog called Ventures of Love, based on the truth that I've learned that love is the riskiest thing you can do, but also the best. Now, I want love to be such a natural and organic part of my life that it can spill over and spread to everyone I meet.


I love to write about my relationships. I have learned so much in each relationship I have, and I am always striving to build relationships stronger and to love well. I enjoy the relationships I get to play a part in; as a girlfriend, sister, friend, mentor, aunt, and beauty consultant. Every relationship is different, but each requires work. That work can be so a fulfilling blessing if you let it be.

Orphan Care

I fell in love with Orphan Care when I was a child and first introduced to the beautiful idea of adoption. My passion grew when I was on the World Race and saw first hand the overwhelming need of care for orphans around the world. Since then, my love, passion, and advocacy for orphan care has grown tremendously. I love to write about the issue, bring awareness, share my heart and hopefully spread the hope I have to see an end to the Global Orphan Crisis.


I think that most faiths encourage followers to love others. That tells me a lot. Practicing faith inspires love. Personally, I am a Christian, and I know that following Jesus really has inspired a lot of love that I have lived out. The mission trips I've gone on, the ministries I've been involved in, and the love lessons I've learned have been all because of Jesus. It is my constant attempt to love like He does; without judgement, forgiving, accepting, giving, and unconditional.