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Goodies During Your Birthday Month

Goodies During Your Birthday Month

I LOVE saving money. It's become a bit of an addiction. The month of March has been wonderful for savings, free things, discounts, and opportunities. March is my birthday month, so the many Rewards programs and groups I am a part of gifted me with birthday gifts! I feel super lucky and want to share some of my faves with YOU so that you can get lots of perks when it's YOUR birthday. You're welcome ;)

Below I've listed my personal favorites and the discounts I received:

Starbucks & City Brew (or your favorite local coffee shops)- I usually drink black coffee, but whenever I get a free drink- with punch cards or with a rewards program or during my birthday month- I get a venti seasonal latte. Yupp, I'm that girl.

PayPal- This was crazy cool. Paypal gave me $5 for my birthday! All I had to do was place an order anywhere online and check out with PayPal and they automatically took $5 off the total amount. This seemed too good to be true. If you don't have PayPal, do it. It makes online shopping so much easier and they give you 5 bucks your b-day month. (Be sure to check your emails from them when your b-day month comes around)

Redbox- A free rental. It was perfect for me because I am such a homebody. My boyfriend and I rented a movie and made a Papa Murphy's pizza on my actual birthday. I got to pick the movie, of course. We watched Age of Adeline. (Also- the gal at Papa Murphy's gave us a free smores pizza for my birthday! So sweet)

Your favorite restaurants- This is by far my favorite goodie. The night before my birthday, Luke and I went out for sushi at Dsausmo's (my favorite sushi place in Casper). I had a coupon for 10% off. It was great. And then, on Luke and I's 10 month anniversary (March 18th) we used my birthday month coupon to FireRock Steakhouse (one of my absolute favorite restaurants) I got their special, blackened barracuda, and getting $20 off, my whole meal was free. Except the wine ;)


Here are some other goodies that I know you get: Coldstone, Cinnabon, Qdoba. That's all for me. I don't like to be subscribed to too many rewards programs, only my favorites.

Check out other blogs if you want even more! Just google "free things during your birthday month." Remember that you much be subscribed to a lot of these places membership/rewards programs prior to your b-day, so go ahead and sign up for your faves!:)

Wishing you a happy birthday month when it comes around, with all the goodies!


Melanie Christine

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