Hello, my name is Melanie Christine, and I am so happy that you're here.


I love to inspire others to live a life that they love. I hope to encourage others to live their dream lives and be a blessing along the way.

Life is big. It's amazing, but let's be honest, it can get messy. In the mess, it's possible to have the loveliest balance. 

I hope this blog inspires you to live a life of loving big, pursuing your passions, and the real life stuff too. Feel free to message me whenever! And follow me on social media for more. :)




Random Melanie Facts:

*I have the world's BEST boyfriend. He's amazing in a million ways. And he's super good looking. ;) I'm the luckiest ever.

*I served as a missionary in various countries over the last 5 years and I am currently seeking to be a light right where I'm at in Casper, Wyoming.

*I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift! Like, total #Swiftie status.

*My favorite color is sparkle. Yes, sparkle. 

*Christmas is my favorite day of the year. And winter is my favorite season. I'm like a snow fairy.

*I reaaalllllly dislike most condiments. I super hate mayonnaise, ketchup, ranch, and sour cream. I just can't.

*I spent 2013 on an 11 month mission trip called The World Race. I traveled to 11 countries, living out of a backpack, loving people like Jesus does, and learning more about who I am made to be. It was the most life changing and wonderful year. (You can read about my World Race adventure here).

*Sour Patch Kids are my all time favorite candy. I can eat a whole big bag in one sitting.

*Tacos are my favorite food! Sushi is a close second.

*My best friend is Estie Marie Barnes. She's made up of sunshine and lives in Atlanta. And she's getting married in March!! YAYYY!

*I lived in Guatemala for 8 months in 2015 where I learned SO much about the orphan crisis and my purpose in life. Unfortunately, I didn't learn too much Spanish.

*I love cats. A lot. Especially kitten videos on YouTube.

*I love hugging people. I'm like your local hug dealer. Always passing them out for free.

*I love turning strangers into friends.

*I'm really happy that you're on my site! If you want to keep up with my life journey, you can enter your email in the "Subscribe" area below. If you want to write me a personal email (I'd really love that!!!) you can click "Contact" at the bottom of the page. Let's be friends! :)